How often should we bathe our dogs?

Dogs with healthy skin don’t need a bath any more than once in 3-4 weeks. Unless of course, they go & roll in poop or dead carcass ? If your dog/s smells bad a few days after a bath, then more frequent bathing is not the answer for that plays havoc with the natural oils on their skin. It would warrant trying to figure out the underlying reason/s.

The most common reason for stinky dogs is an inappropriate diet. If they consume foods rich in sugars from excessive grain, starchy vegetables, fruit, human biscuits, kibble etc., It causes an overgrowth of yeast in their bodies that make them smell bad. It’s kind of the smell of mouldy cheese. A species appropriate, balanced diet is crucial to keep them smelling neutral.
Dog/s that are stressed out, release hormones to cope which can make them smell funky too. Make sure to address any underlying issues causing them stress. Include activities in their daily routine that are calming like slow walks with plenty of opportunities to sniff, activities that involve using their noses, chewing or licking.

Hormonal imbalance, renal issues, food allergies or other health issues can cause the stink too, which can be figured out with the help of a qualified veterinarian. Do remember that excessive use of antibiotics disrupts the balance of gut flora that causes them to smell bad. Do include good quality pre & pro biotics in their daily diet.

“But what about when they get mud on their fur?”. Rolling in mud is a natural instinct for dogs. We can call them our children, fur-kids, furry-angels or anything else we want to but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are dogs. Mud is teeming with a plethora of microorganisms (bacteria, virus & fungi) that is hugely beneficial to their skin. Not only are they exfoliating their skin when having a great time but they are building their own colony of microbiome that enters their blood stream through their skin (and sometimes mouth) which helps build their immune system. Once you bring them in, just brush their coats. A bath may be required only if they have gotten really mucky.

The purpose of bathing is to cleanse out all the air pollutants that sit on their skin. The skin is the largest organ of detoxification in any body, so bathing helps to cleanse the toxins that get released through their regular activities. Using chemical free natural products helps to additionally nourish & condition their skin & coat.

We’ve been using ScoobyDubDub nnd QuickyClean to bathe our dogs, which over all this time has restored the natural oil balance of their skin. In between baths, we do the Chamomile Spray for them once a week. We brush them everyday. Despite having multiple dogs, our home doesn’t smell bad because they don’t.