Yeast infection in dogs

Yeast lives inside & on the skin of every dog. When there is an overgrowth of this yeast, however, is when trouble starts. The dogs give off a sickly sweet smell, like moldy cheese. They get moist, itchy patches on their skin. Fur falls off and skin turns from pink to red to grey to black. Ears get gunky, paws get inflamed.

Yeast infections are common in hot, humid environments. If a dog’s immune system is compromised due to prolonged use of antibiotics/steroids or due to some stress in the environment, they are prone to yeast infections. A diet rich in grains, fruits & starchy vegetables (like potato, carrots, sweet potato, beets) provides sugar for the yeast to feast on & grow. Regular consumption of human biscuits like Marie or Parle G also supplies the sugars that the yeast loves. Kibble is rich in sugars too, including the “grain-free” varieties.

A meat protein-rich diet that improves immunity as well as cutting back (or eliminating, where required) of sugar-rich foods, is the first step to dealing with a yeast infection. ScoobyDubDub works wonders for the external help that the body requires. You can apply the powder mixed with coconut oil once a week prior to a bath until the infection heals. If the skin has turned black & leathery, you can apply a thin paste of the powder mixed with coconut oil every day, there is no need to wash it off as it will get absorbed by the skin. Regular use of Scooby-dub-dub alongside Quicky Clean for regular bathing requirements keeps the infections at bay.

The ears of a dog get severely affected by yeast infections. Here’s a home remedy by holistic canine nutritionist Georgina of Georgina’s Kitchen ( can link her site if you think it’s fit) that works very well.

What you need: 2 tbsp coconut oil and 2 cloves garlic (whole)
In a saucepan lightly heat the coconut oil and garlic. Cool the mixture, remove the garlic and store the oil in a container. Do not refrigerate the mix or apply if the oil has hardened. Only use this when the mix is at room temperature.

Usage for dogs with yeast infection in the ears: dip clean cotton wool in the oil squeeze out excess oil and clean the ears thoroughly. You can additionally drop 2 drops of the garlic-infused oil in the ear to kill the bacteria. This mix can be used up to five times a day until you see the reddishness disappear.

This anti-bacterial mix can be used to clean healthy ears too. Usage: dip clean cotton wool in the mixture, squeeze out excess oil, and apply gently in the ears. You can use this once or twice a week for regular cleaning instead of using store-bought ear cleaners.

The boy you see in the picture is our Snoopy who was prone to yeast infections. Back in the day, when we first started dabbling with our natural skin care products, we saw first hand him how his coat transformed. He passed on in August 2019, our big old dog at 13+ (we don’t know his exact age as he was adopted as an adult dog).