Chamomile Grapefruit Soap (Human use)

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100 grams.

After treating our dogs to luxurious spa sessions, we thought we deserve a relaxing bathing experience ourselves. Handmade, with completely natural ingredients. For human use only.


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Made using our gorgeous chamomile flowers from the Himalayas, enriched with the gentle fragrance of grapefruit essential oils & cold pressed coconut oil, this bar of soap is a treat to bathe with. Best part? This one's all for us, we don't have share it with the dogs!

All our soaps are made using cold pressed oils using the traditional cold pressed method.

All proceeds from the sale of these soaps will go towards rescuers working in the field of animal welfare that we will identify each month.

1 review for Chamomile Grapefruit Soap (Human use)

  1. Brinda Gulati (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting treated for atopic dermatitis ever since I was 10. I kid you not, two showers with this gorgeous scrubber soap and the little allergy bumps on my chest vanished! All those wasted dermatology creams..if only I had this soap sooner ❤

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