DLR 25 Katty-Rub-Dub

637.50 + GST

100 grams.

All the goodness of Scooby-dub-dub, minus the karpurah or camphor so that your cats can also use it & hate us for it!

Anti tick/flea pack. Helps heal a host of skin issues. Enhances the quality of the coat & keeps skin healthy.

Please forgive the ad-hoc packaging. This is a small batch we have made. If it’s well received, we will work on having proper respectable labels in place.

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A blend of four Ayurvedic herbs namely Haritaki, Jatila, Vembaka & Kasturi Haridrah, this powder needs to be mixed with cold pressed coconut oil & massaged into the cats’ skin prior to a bath. You can replace coconut oil with aloe vera gel or any other cat safe cold pressed oil. Minimum of 15 mins & maximum of an hour of marination before being washed off with our natural soaps or a mild shampoo.

Dry powder can be applied on the skin as a preventive against ticks/fleas and to manage skin itch, no need to wash this off.

This pack helps get rid of ticks/fleas as well as heals skin issues such as fungal infections, eczema, flea dermatitis, excessive fur fall, hotspots, skin rashes etc. It's very effective to help heal mange & scabies too.


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