Mighty Mange Mix (100 grams)

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100 grams.

Aids in the healing of demodectic mange & sarcoptic mange (scabies).
Can also be used in the case of severe tick or flea infestation.

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A blend of five Ayurvedic herbs namely Haritaki, Jatila, Vembaka, Kasturi Haridrah & Karpurah, with food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DE has a unique property of piercing the exoskeleton of parasites (mites that cause mange, ticks, fleas) and their larvae/egg, thereby dehydrating them to death.

The powder is to be mixed with neem oil & cold pressed coconut oil. Pack should be massaged on to your dog/pup's skin, let to soak for 30-60 minutes followed with a bath using our Neem Turmeric Soap. This process to be repeated every 5 days, frequency can be reduced as the skin starts to heal.

While DE dehydrates & kills the parasites, the other herbs & oils heal secondary skin infections, reduce inflammation, promote fur growth, reduce itching & dryness.

For best results, make sure your dog/pup is on a fresh meat based diet with little to no starch.


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