DLR 25 Quicky Clean

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150 grams.

All natural, no lather skin cleanser. Mild on the skin, restores natural oil balance. This, mixed with a little Scooby-dub-dub works well to help dogs with atopic dermatitis.

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The holy trinity of Reetha-Shikaki-Amla blended with Krishna Sirisha leaves and shade dried chamomile flowers from the Himalayas, is what you need to bid chemical laden shampoos adieu. You need to activate the powder by mixing it in with boiling water. Adding ingredients that are all natural and great for your dog’s skin like apple cider vinegar, essential oils & aloe vera allows you to restore your dog’s skin to its natural state.

If your dog has atopic dermatitis or has super sensitive skin, avoid adding apple cider vinegar and essential oils. Add extra aloe vera and a spoon of Scooby-dub-dub. Use this mix instead of shampoo to bathe your dog. Avoid massaging the skin too much, a gentle application will do.

Quicky Clean (minus essential oils) is safe for use to bathe your cats too!


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