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Quicky Clean

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150 grams.

All natural, no lather skin cleanser. Mild on the skin, restores natural oil balance. This, mixed with a little Scooby-dub-dub works well to help dogs with atopic dermatitis.

Storage instructions; Transfer into a bottle with lid. Store in a cool, dry place with cap closed, protected from direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to humidity, heat, light or temperature variations. Golden rule, keep it away from any source of water getting inside the bottle and keep the bottle cap closed avoiding exposure to air.

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The holy trinity of Reetha-Shikaki-Amla blended with Krishna Sirisha leaves and shade dried chamomile flowers from the Himalayas, is what you need to bid chemical laden shampoos adieu. You need to activate the powder by mixing it in with boiling water. Adding ingredients that are all natural and great for your dog’s skin like apple cider vinegar, essential oils & aloe vera allows you to restore your dog’s skin to its natural state.

If your dog has atopic dermatitis or has super sensitive skin, avoid adding apple cider vinegar and essential oils. Add extra aloe vera and a spoon of Scooby-dub-dub. Use this mix instead of shampoo to bathe your dog. Avoid massaging the skin too much, a gentle application will do.

Quicky Clean (minus essential oils) is safe for use to bathe your cats too!

10 reviews for Quicky Clean

  1. Priya Varma (verified owner)

    I used Quicky clean mixed with water on my kitten for his first bath, the other day and so soft he was. Smells great! I’m not going to bathe him with any other thing ever. It’s a bit tricky to bathe a cat so keeping a creamy treat along really helps.

    Also, saved myself some mix & buoy, my frizzy hair has never felt so soft before. It’s a win-win for pets and humans, too. ❤️

  2. Rupsha Sur Chaudhuri (verified owner)

    Our 2.5 years Lab ( Posto) was shedding, shedding and shedding some more 😳
    Chanced upon scooby dub dub on one of the FB pages. Lo Behold !! The gorgeousness is back on my Posto. Both scooby dub dub and quicky clean are gid sent !! This adds to sustainability as well since consumption of water during a bath is also reduced. Keep up the fabulous products guys ! Also work up some discounts time to time – bound to bring many a smiles around 😀

  3. Nila C/o Divya & Narayanan (verified owner)

    Quicky Clean is incredible. While SDD does have its superpowers, QC is a marvel in its own right.
    It is perfect for quick baths. The SDD routine takes a while. So on lazy days a quick QC bath it is. It results in lustrous and soft fur with minimal hassle. And my black Indie gets blindingly gleamy for a few days. Not to mention, I want to bury my nose deep in her fur thanks to the divine smell. It is also a fragrant & safe paw rinse on days when Nila decides to step on something smelly during walks.

  4. Vrinda (verified owner)

    Yet another miracle by quickly clean!
    Someone posted that it works for humans and that too for people with curly hair.. hence I decided to give it a try today in hope that it might do some good on my highly damaged hair(because I coloured my hair blue couple of months back🙈) and I kid you not.. it worked wonders in just one wash!! Looking forward to more good hair days 😊

  5. Jaya (verified owner)

    With Bailey’s skin allergies she needed to take bath 2 times a week to prevent sever itching and regular anti itch shampoos were drying out her skin and causing her to itch even more. But after starting her own quick clean her itching has gone down and her coat has become so soft. I add fresh aloe vera and vit E tab to the mix. This is a miracle powder. Thank u so much Back in the day !

  6. Mandakini Gupta (verified owner)

    We love all back in the day products! We have 5 dogs and it has changed our lives. I don’t exaggerate. Earlier bath days were torture for everyone. My boy with arthritis had a horrible time standing through a long shampoo bath. They hated the shampoo suds. And it really wasn’t that effective for their coat or fleas and ticks. Scooby & quicky are miracles for us. I mean it. We have panic attacks when the stocks are low in our house 🙂
    It’s very effective on fleas & ticks. Coat is unbelievably soft & fluffy. We use 1/10th the water. It takes much lesser time. They smell amazing. And it’s chemical free

  7. Ekta

    Yes Scooby Dub Dub for the dogs but Quicky clean is my thing. I use it for my foster pups and for my hair – works so well for both. I cut my waist-long hair because it was thin, damaged. Now, it’s barely shoulder length but so healthy! I use the QC hair mask at least once a weak and my hair is noticeably better – more volume, better health, better texture. I wish I had discovered this earlier. The smell when you add hot water to a bowl of QC is just indulgent. It’s definitely here to stay in my hair-care routine.

  8. Zeus

    works best if mixed with SDD. Can also be used for a quick bath day on week day and bamboozle those furries. 😛 Excellent as a hair pack for hoomans!

  9. Aditi Gautam

    Quicky Clean is the underrated powerhouse of the SDD/QC combo. I stopped using commercial dog shampoos ever since we started using QC.
    It takes hardly 10 minutes to wash it off and the cleaning effect we get absolutely mind blowing!

  10. Ashwini veera

    It’s an Excellent replacement for the regular chemical free shampoo and it requires very less water to wash it off.

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