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100 grams.

Anti tick/flea pack. Helps heal a host of skin issues. Enhances the quality of the coat & keeps skin healthy.

If your dog has atopic dermatitis or extremely sensitive skin, please use Quicky Clean with a spoon of Scooby-dub-dub added in for a bath. Chamomile Flowers can be used to make a spray to use in between baths to soothe itchiness.

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A blend of five Ayurvedic herbs namely Haritaki, Jatila, Vembaka, Kasturi Haridrah & Karpurah, this powder needs to be mixed with cold pressed coconut oil to be massaged into the dogs’ skin prior to a bath. Minimum of 15 mins & maximum of an hour of marination before being washed off with a mild shampoo. This pack helps get rid of ticks/fleas as well as heals skin issues such as fungal infections, eczema, flea dermatitis, excessive fur fall, skin rashes etc.


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