Turmeric Powder

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200 Grams.

Organically grown turmeric at Bandipur, dried in the sun & powdered. We wish we could have a way for you to be able to take a whiff of this goodness through the site!

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Turmeric has far too many health benefits to ignore. We've been adding Golden Paste to our dogs' food for years now. It has anti inflammatory properties, helps dogs with allergies & skin issues, has anti cancer properties too. It's a great immunity booster. Golden Paste is a method of making the turmeric more easily absorbable by the body by adding three main elements - heat from the cooking process, fats from the oil & piperine from fresh ground pepper.
Humans can benefit from the consumption of Golden Paste too. You can use this turmeric powder in your own cooking as well!
Storage instructions; Transfer into a bottle with lid. Store in a cool, dry place with cap closed, protected from direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to humidity, heat, light or temperature variations. Golden rule, keep it away from any source of water getting inside the bottle and keep the bottle cap closed avoiding exposure to air.

1 review for Turmeric Powder

  1. Sayli

    Best product i have ever used. The natural color is so appealing. I am totally in love with it

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