Fermented Vegetables

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Handmade with love & a lot of care, our fermented vegetables is a superfood for your dogs’ gut & overall health.

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More than 70% of a dog’s immunity is built in the gut. The gut is full of bacteria - beneficial and harmful. A balance of both is required to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the gut that contributes to the robust health in a dog. Stress, medications, vaccinations, wrong diet, environment, many factors play a role in disrupting the balance in the gut causing issues such as gastrointestinal upsets & skin issues, paving the way for more serious diseases over time. Adding a good quality, natural probiotic to the diet helps to restore balance in the gut bacteria.
We developed the recipe for our fermented vegetables years ago & it has been a healthy addition to our dogs’ food bowls since then. It’s full of beneficial bacteria that helps any dog who consumes it. It's especially beneficial to dogs on medication/antibiotics, dogs who struggle with constant gut & skin issues, for senior dogs whose digestive systems slow down,
It tastes tangy, funky & crunchy. It has purple cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, beets & a beautiful flavour of ginger cutting through it, that is put together through the lacto-fermentation process over days to grow healthy bacteria that gets introduced to the dogs' gut when consumed . Since this is a living food, it took us a lot of R&D to finally figured out a way to package & safely ship this across India.
One pack will last for 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of your dog. Usage guidelines are mentioned on the label.
Storage instructions; Transfer into a bottle with lid and refrigerate. Avoid exposure to humidity, heat, light or temperature variations. Golden rule, keep it away from any source of water getting inside the bottle and keep the bottle cap closed avoiding exposure to air.


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