Why natural over chemical methods to keep our dogs tick free

When we are at our home in Bandipur, we spend a lot of time outdoors. We have a home here which is by the shrub forest. It is here that our quest for chemical-free options to manage ticks on our dogs began. Ticks here bite us as much as they do the dogs!

Now, if someone were to tell me, “here’s a drop of liquid to put on your neck” or “here’s a tablet to swallow to keep ticks off you for a few months”, or “lemme just spray you with this very effective thing but let me first wear a mask & gloves to protect myself from the toxic fumes”, I’d research the hell out of these miraculous sounding remedies to understand how such a thing was possible. On researching, if I found that these are nothing but a cocktail of chemicals & pesticides with long term side effects on major organs, were carcinogenic (cancer-causing), could potentially cause seizures, in some cases even death, etc. I’d RUN A MILE from these quick fixes.

We extend this same courtesy and care to our dogs. Using natural methods requires a multi-pronged approach with a focus on nutrition as much as on the external application of Scooby-dub-dub. It needs consistent effort but one we are willing to put in for these precious beings we get to call a part of our family.